Astrological [adjective]

Definition of Astrological:

secret, concealed

Opposite/Antonyms of Astrological:

Sentence/Example of Astrological:

Loking, aspect; a translation of the Latin astrological term aspectus.

This being so, I have no doubt at all, that cave is here merely a translation of the Latin technical astrological term puteus.

Her astrological council, then composed of Nostradamus and the two Ruggieri, had already predicted to her the death of the king.

Many have been found which have engraven upon them various building plans and astrological figures.

On the table lay a variety of mathematical and astrological instruments, all of the most rich materials and curious workmanship.

In this way Ibn Ezra endeavors to reconcile natural law (or astrological fatalism) with the ethical purpose of divine providence.

Suffice it to remark, that his library was well stored with the magical and astrological books of the last century.

Astrological almanacs and treatises are sold by the tens of thousands, and astrological superstitions are still current.

They were simply the compilation of lists of crude astrological omens, of the most foolish and unreasoning kind.

For example, he says that Rueff's astrological bibliography contains pictures of men and instruments and comments in German verse.