Astrologies [noun]

Definition of Astrologies:

prophesy of the future by observation of stars and planets

Synonyms of Astrologies:

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Sentence/Example of Astrologies:

Let us suppose that any one who denied the old crude errors of astrology was persecuted as a heretic.

In astrology, each planet was said to have two mansions, except the sun and moon, which had but one apiece.

His treatise on judicial astrology was translated into Latin by Johannes Hispalensis in the thirteenth century.

But, like so many master-minds of the Middle Ages, he was unable wholly to resist the fascinations of alchemy and astrology.

The practice of astrology must have been exceedingly lucrative, for Lilly is known to have acquired a considerable fortune.

Astronomy was studied with a view to success in astrology, as the latter was a science much esteemed, and very lucrative.

He was a believer in astrology, and laid this pseudo-science also under contribution in the interpretation of Holy Writ.

Subsequent to the Flood, the Assyrians were the first people who turned their attention to astrology.

Dryden put faith in judicial astrology, and used to calculate the nativity of his children.

Or astrology, now: the stars were in the wrong house, which naturally accounts for Jemmy Jones being in the wrong pew.