Astronauts [noun]

Definition of Astronauts:

space explorer

Synonyms of Astronauts:

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Sentence/Example of Astronauts:

Later on, astronauts looked at the pellets after one, two and three years.

Being an astronaut is the ultimate idea of looking into what surrounds us by going there.

Though we may say that astronauts are weightless in space, what they’re actually experiencing is microgravity.

About 30 nonphysicians learned first aid from a software system designed to help astronauts.

Other simulated Mars missions suggest that astronauts isolated together could develop an us-versus-them mentality that would lead the crew to stop listening to mission control, which could be dangerous on a long mission.

She also wants to test whether future astronauts would have to purify urine, or if they could use pee directly to make the cement.

On the International Space Station, astronauts are weightless.

The new NASA mission won’t be considered over until the astronauts return in the same Crew Dragon capsule.

Of course, ground control was to be used only if the astronaut failed to ignite the retro-rockets himself.

The astronaut fell victim to a psychological stress that was unforeseen.