Astronomer [noun]

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The crest-fallen astronomer plodded on his weary way, another example of a fool and his money soon parted.

His birth might also be remembered as occurring in the same year as that of the great astronomer Galileo.

Let us suppose that the Astronomer Royal claimed infallibility, not only in matters astronomical, but also in politics and morals.

The modern astronomer needs to know much of chemistry, or else he can not understand many of his observations on the sun.

On the way homewards, we visited the observatory of the famous astronomer, Dey Singh.

He became the astronomer and physician of the Caliph Motadhid.

"It would take an experienced astronomer and some calculation to determine with accuracy," said Beeville.

This notion was supported by the celebrated astronomer and mathematician La Place.

He was a learned astronomer and astrologer, and probably one of the most remarkable men of his time.

The Astronomer Royal told us that at eight o'clock on June 22 the sun commenced to return, and every one took note of the fact.