Astronomic [adjective]

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Nothing would appeal to him more than that, unless it should be some great astronomic or geologic change.

The stars shine above them, and they call them pretty things, but never ask the astronomic story of their magnificence.

It is by the aid of astronomic laws; for instance Newton's law.

If astronomic aberration happens, it is because the source, a star, is in motion with reference to the observer.

Can the preceding theories be reconciled with astronomic observations?

With the musical relics of the olden time preserved in Strassburg must be classed the so-called Astronomic Clock.

What is the loss of five centuries in geographic truth to the loss of a thousand years in astronomic science?

The astronomic objective with its small angle of aperture has not undergone particularly important improvements.

There is no discussion of this remarkable subject, no mention in any other astronomic journal.

In the thousand and one nights that were less astronomic than our own, it was thought that the riddle was answered.