Astronomical [adjective]

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Once infected, they churn out “astronomical numbers” of viral particles, Ehre says, potentially propelling the particles deeper into the lungs, which can cause pneumonia, or out into the air where they can infect others.

So the site may make more sense as a terrifying journey to a cave-like underworld than as an astronomical observatory.

The big question though, is just how long this astronomical growth will last.

The upshot is that smaller blobs mean a higher inferred cosmic expansion rate — bringing the inferred rate much closer to measurements of how fast supernovas and other astronomical objects actually seem to be flying apart.

The latest such discovery is an enormous Mayan structure, more than a kilometer long, 3,000 years old, and seemingly used for astronomical observations.

Let us suppose that the Astronomer Royal claimed infallibility, not only in matters astronomical, but also in politics and morals.

Science began with astronomy, and the first instruments which men contrived for the purpose of investigation were astronomical.

He made several astronomical discoveries, and improved the air pump.

But we know that Aries is meant, from purely astronomical considerations.

Those who reason without astronomical knowledge will never reach the truth.