Astronomy [noun]

Definition of Astronomy:

study of the stars and planets other than earth

Synonyms of Astronomy:

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Sentence/Example of Astronomy:

There is no technical or regulatory obstacle to launching a constellation of ultra-bright satellites that might render many or most astronomy programs impossible.

The new LEO satellites don’t affect every astronomy program the same way.

The true threat these mega-constellations pose to the astronomy community is only just beginning to be understood.

The team used the tool to confirm 50 new potential planets, a first for artificial intelligence as applied to astronomy.

Gathering data on glass plates and steering a telescope by eye may sound primitive, but these observations led to some of the most groundbreaking discoveries in astronomy.

The technology made our work easier and more efficient, marking a fundamental shift in how astronomy was done.

Remotely operated and robotic telescopes, no matter how incredible, can also only satisfy some of the diverse observational needs of the astronomy community.

To me, the most beautiful aspect of astronomy is its ability to offer humanity similarly unifying moments through triumph.

In 2018, seven more scientists at UW–Madison joined the JKX Comics crew, bringing fields such as psychology, astronomy and microbiology to the table.

A learned Professor declared that no person unacquainted with astronomy could correlate “Moon” to “Omnibus.”