Astute [adjective]

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The astute judge had no witnesses, so he both fooled his wife and pleased himself, for his will was worthless.

Both astute gentlemen viewed the situation, and their alarm subsided.

A pause, the slightest in the world,—but the keen eye of the astute lawyer noted it, and his tone grew in severity and assurance.

It was at that time they displayed that astute and patiently Machiavellian policy, which finally led to their triumph.

The letter was unsigned, but the handwriting that of my astute agent, Sander.

Side by side with Arlecchino goes his more astute and knavish brother Brighella.

"Let me hear what you counsel," said O'Reilly, as he cast a searching glance at his astute companion.

So astute was he as to render him unpopular with a section of the natives, and notably with those who were disaffected.

All which coy suggestions La Mothe Fnlon, astute courtier that he was, knew well how to answer.

Her fancies and freaks it was beyond the power of the most astute of her ministers to predict or to comprehend.