Astutely [adverb]

Definition of Astutely:

in a clever manner

Synonyms of Astutely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Astutely:

Sentence/Example of Astutely:

It’s a fun, quick read with astute insights about what the pros do differently and the ways we unwittingly limit ourselves.

Availing himself of his legal experience, he fought the case determinedly and astutely.

She isnt so fond of it but shed leave it quick enough if the right one asked her, he said astutely.

He struck the tone most likely to win him obedience, and that he had judged astutely her face showed him.

Kingi, thus attacked, astutely made the disputed piece over to the King tribes, and forthwith became their protege.

"Your collection is fine enough to attract the attention of chineurs," Remonencq answered astutely.

The women nodded astutely at each other, and the men exchanged shrewd affirmative grunts.

He fancied he had read astutely his enemies plans; his own plans began to take form.

The rest of the world deduced astutely that the Compubs were scared, too.

"Paul Irving washes his face every day of his own accord," said Anne astutely.