Astutenesses [noun]

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He was most astute in analyzing practical matters such as friction’s effect on motion and stresses on structural beams, and attempted to compute the theoretical maximum efficiency of machines.

Those are things that he’s got to continue to grow on and become a more astute player and student of this game.

An astute businessman, Grant sat on several corporate boards.

The photos are accompanied by sound-bite observations from the aesthetically astute contributors, who are members of the Design Leadership Network.

Crowded around a small screen, watching a video of Paula Radcliffe’s running form, Magness made an astute comment that no one had asked him for.

In this matter America showed an astuteness equal to that exhibited by Papal hierarchs in Rome.

"They're sweethearts," said Myrna, with the frightful astuteness of twelve.

Perhaps, however, they had more astuteness than has been supposed by some.

In pointing out the dangers, he spoke with great power and astuteness, for he was always on the look-out for breakers.

Beneath an air of innocent frankness, this precocious scoundrel concealed wonderful astuteness and penetration.