Asymmetrically [adverb]

Definition of Asymmetrically:

in another way; otherwise

Opposite/Antonyms of Asymmetrically:

Sentence/Example of Asymmetrically:

These simulations have also revealed that turbulence results in an asymmetric explosion, where the star looks a bit like an hourglass.

Finally, we need to recognize the massive asymmetric power that technology companies have over individuals and society.

Any asymmetric power structure must follow the fiduciary or “duty of care” model exemplified by a good teacher, therapist, doctor, or care worker—that is, it must work in the service of those with less power.

The biggest problem we face is not partisan polarization or even asymmetric polarization.

We’ve seen this for an awfully long time, using asymmetric capabilities to try and put themselves in a place where they can impose costs on the United States.

Since 16 of the 256 states were symmetric, that meant the remaining 240 were asymmetric — they read differently forward and backward.

They are asymmetrically oval, about 50 in length, and often contain a partially developed embryo.

The branchi, as in the genotype and other species, strongly asymmetrically developed.

Between them is situated, sometimes asymmetrically, the prominent intromittent organ.