Atheism [noun]

Definition of Atheism:

belief that no god exists

Synonyms of Atheism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Atheism:

Sentence/Example of Atheism:

A little or superficial knowledge may incline a man's mind to atheism; but depth in philosophy bringeth him back to religion.

He may, perhaps, be unhappy in his atheism, and wish to hear all my arguments to enable him the better to arrive at the truth.

The speculating atheist, the theist will tell us, may be an honest man, but his writings will cause atheism in politics.

So atheism, and the disbelief of the existence of the soul after death, characterized that materialism.

His uncompromising atheism is the very heart and core of his system and clarifies the whole situation.

If reason is to rule, the usurper, religion, must be ejected; hence atheism was fundamental to his entire system.

It has been explained, and the logical consequence of the explanation is Atheism.

That is the inevitable conquest of the philosophy of atheism.

And now, as suspected of atheism, they were hated by theologians.

Between Atheism and Theism there is no logical halting place.