Atheistic [adjective]

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The Atheistic logic runs off from him like water; the great Fact stares him in the face.

Coming to more modern times, I decline to accept his present of priests and popes who were "atheistic."

Our puritan fathers did not come to this wilderness with French, atheistic, idolatrous love for a goddess of liberty.

Brought up in an atmosphere of pietism, the natural reaction led him into a kind of romantic atheistic unbelief.

Both these Hindoo religions were originally pessimistic, and at the same time atheistic and idealistic.

Thus is witnessed in the monster the denial of the Greek religion, and an atheistic turn of mind.

Let them now accuse the law of being materialistic and atheistic.

That indicated the atheistic character which this mechanical cosmogony shares with all the other inorganic sciences.

It is, very audibly, though very inarticulately as yet, the one God's Voice we have heard in these two atheistic centuries.

I glibly repeated phrases I had heard my father use, but I had no real understanding of his atheistic doctrines.