Atheists [noun]

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Just going off his letter to Gutkind, Einstein appears to be an atheist.

He was “rebel and an atheist,” members of his family said, yet he requested a traditional Jewish burial and is now resting near his mother and Orthodox Jewish grandparents.

But the eternal existence of these stars is the very thing which the atheist is concerned to prove.

The speculating atheist, the theist will tell us, may be an honest man, but his writings will cause atheism in politics.

First, there is the "atheist formula" of 'art for the sake of art';—a heresy he scourged with pontifical anathemas.

It is then equally false to represent him as an atheist or as an orthodox Christian.

It is only what the Atheist has said, minus the capital letters.

The Atheist is only calling the attention of the theist to the consequences of his own argument.

For the Agnostic, no more than the Atheist, can attach no intelligible meaning to "God."

The oath of an atheist or unbeliever is not necessarily of any value.