Atheneum [noun]

Definition of Atheneum:

book repository

Synonyms of Atheneum:

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Sentence/Example of Atheneum:

The strange experiences of his visit in October 1879 are duly recorded in the Atheneum of the following January.

Just why this remote atheneum was sconce for Mr. Holliday's candle I do not hazard.

The trustees finally took the lead in the establishment of a public library into which the collection of the Atheneum was merged.

Doubtless this served to swell the crowd when the convention met at night in the Atheneum.

In fact most of our knowledge of the founder of the Atheneum comes more from memories and traditions than from exact data.

I had only to glance at the large, bold lettering across its front to be told that it was the Wadsworth Atheneum.

Here at the Atheneum they have the very sign-board that attracted the traveler to "Putnam's Hotel."