Athletes [noun]

Definition of Athletes:

person involved in sports

Synonyms of Athletes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Athletes:


Sentence/Example of Athletes:

It was the older lure that brought every year athletes of fame to run in the historic race.

Behold these patient, indefatigable athletes, ever vanquished, yet ever returning to the combat!

There were few better athletes than Matt King, and he was in the pink of condition.

The fame of athletes, however, soon declines with their bodily powers.

We know one or two of these iron athletes who have outlived their generation and they are among the bores of the world.

The excitement ran high as the young athletes struggled over the ground.

For that reason it inspired them with the courage of athletes, when they had to endure also the shame of the arena.

We now understand why they take so deep an interest in the running of the Christian athletes on earth.

We must put away our own grossness, as athletes rid themselves by severe training of all superfluous flesh.

The table where men sit who are in training is a noisy table, and the athletes verge on ‘bear-fighting’ even in hall.