Athrill [adjective]

Definition of Athrill:

very happy, blissful

Opposite/Antonyms of Athrill:

Sentence/Example of Athrill:

Fifteen, and athrill with a strange new pulse; flushed, as the dawn, with the promise of day.

As Anne would have said at one time, it was "an epoch in her life," and she was deliciously athrill with the excitement of it.

At a tap on her door she changed suddenly from the aloof egoist to a woman athrill before the veil of portentous mysteries.

Inorganic matter was perceived as anything but inert; it was athrill under the action of multitudinous forces.

With nerves athrill the two boys followed their elder, wriggling cautiously over the ice.

Why could he not have slept on forever, he thought, his whole being athrill with the memory revived by his dreams?

The haunting phrase leaped to my brain and I stood staring at the departing carriage athrill with excitement.

John Travis said under his breath, his whole frame athrill with subtle emotion, what makes you think she likes me?

And all the time I was athrill with pride and joy—suffused therewith into imbecility.

Our people are athrill now, not from hate but from an ardent desire to serve and protect.