Athwart [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Athwart:

The glowing heavens, luminous athwart the clouds of fine, suspended sand, laid this ominous hint of dream upon the entire day.

Silently the turnkey passes the cell, like a flitting mystery casting its shadow athwart a troubled soul.

A hemlock had fallen athwart it, and they sat down where they could look out upon a majestic panorama of towering rock and snow.

A few pines were sprinkled about the slopes of the gully, and one or two of them which had fallen lay athwart the creek.

A trail of filmy vapor crawled out athwart the lower pines and covered them as it rolled rapidly upward.

Expect me then soon, for I hope to run athwart you, yardarm and yardarm, as an old salt we once knew used to say.

They pushed the cloud athwart this way, they poured out the spring to the thirsty Gotama.

Through the sleeping city sped those two dark figures like shadows athwart a tomb.

As he flew along toward the Newark airport, a shadow fell athwart the wing and he looked up.

A few clouds glided athwart some of the brightest stars and he found difficulty in traveling.