Atingle [adjective]

Definition of Atingle:


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Sentence/Example of Atingle:

Urmston accordingly sat where he was, watching the opening grow wider, his nerves atingle with something akin to fear.

Ko-Ko is atingle with all the passion and faults of humanity.

Nevertheless, Jimmy was all atingle with enthusiasm and eagerness.

Smiling affably, with every nerve in his body atingle, he advanced to the table.

The roll of a pebble or the crack of a twig under foot would set us all atingle as we stole out to our cave house.

Jimmy was atingle with enthusiasm the instant he got word from the managing editor.

Hugh could say nothing; he just held her close, his mind swimming dizzily, his whole being atingle.

And every morning she ran down-stairs so full of animation and life that she seemed all atingle to her finger-tips.