Atlases [noun]

Definition of Atlases:

chart of geographic area

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Sentence/Example of Atlases:

Atlas’s approach to containing the virus has been described as endorsing “herd immunity” — that is, letting enough people contract the coronavirus that it can no longer easily spread.

Without saying it as directly as the president, Atlas pushed back on Redfield’s timeline, too.

Sweden, a country that imposed only minimal restrictions at the start of the pandemic, similar in some ways to what Atlas is advising, has also not reached herd immunity.

First, the new atlas includes the brain’s cytoarchitecture, or how brain cells are organized.

Sanson's Atlas: a very large atlas by a French geographer in use in Swift's time.

Once, during the recreation hour, he was turning over the pages of his atlas.

We have been searching the atlas, and it seems difficult to fill the bill.

When he addresses himself to battle against the guardian angels, he stands like Teneriffe or Atlas; his stature reaches the sky.

The mighty Atlas would never sustain it upon his broad shoulders if it did nobody good.

The Carletons were promptly consigned to the seclusion of the atlas, while the romancers ran for their hats.