Atmospheric [adjective]

Definition of Atmospheric:

of or in the atmosphere

Synonyms of Atmospheric:

Opposite/Antonyms of Atmospheric:

Sentence/Example of Atmospheric:

The steam pressure in the Newcomen atmospheric was continued unaltered in the Watt vacuum engine.

Reeds that are leathered cannot be depended upon; atmospheric changes affect them and put them out of tune.

The cylinder was let down into the top of the boiler, and like Newcomen's atmospheric engine had no cylinder cover.

In these whirlings great differences in atmospheric pressure are brought about in contiguous areas of sea.

Atmospheric air, when deprived of the water which it ordinarily contains, has very little heat-containing capacity.

Atmospheric envelopes appear to be common features about the celestial spheres.

It is otherwise with the people who dwell upon the land over which these atmospheric convulsions sweep.

If the hyposulphite of soda is entirely freed from them, they will bear any exposure to atmospheric influence without change.

There was probably nothing at that time in atmospheric conditions to check such a migration.

The experiments which the indefatigable seeker had undertaken on atmospheric electricity interested her as much as they did him.