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Green sea turtles have used the atoll as an incubator for hundreds or thousands of generations, or perhaps longer.

Atoll, the Polynesian name for coral islands of the ringed type enclosing a lagoon in the centre.

In 1891 a Committee of the British Association was formed for the investigation of an atoll by means of boring.

Bikini Atoll, scientists believed, needed only clearing and cultivation to make it once again suitable for human habitation.

They took samples of fish in the open ocean outside the atoll and made comparative collections at other atolls.

But, in the case of the Atoll, the coral ring was present and so was the internal lagoon, but there was no rocky island.

The problem, however, was temporarily eclipsed by a pressing geological question aroused by his visit to the Keeling Atoll.

Set me upon a coral atoll with that volume, I will repopulate the world with dictionaries, and beget lusty tomes.

This lonely island, 600 miles from the coast of Sumatra, is an atoll, or lagoon island.

There are three great classes of coral reefs—atoll, barrier, and fringing.