Atomics [noun]

Definition of Atomics:

atomic science

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Sentence/Example of Atomics:

We had a weapon in our favor, the most dangerous weapon ever devised, a thousand times more potent than atomics.

Under daylight atomics the transport engineers in their glass perches read the dials and turned the switches.

We can squeeze about three light-years out of the fuel before we're back on atomics.

Therefore, when we have rid this world of atomics we will leave and you will start all over again.

There was an equation which had proved its effectiveness, upon which the whole science of atomics was based.

Mars iron built the ships and powered the atomics that had conquered the galaxy.

You see, the drives are not what they were cooked up to be—the atomics leak, and it wasn't found out until too late.

But that's quite all right because, as it happens, I'm an atomics technician and I even worked on that very bomb.

Lawrence Applied Atomics, Inc., had been his first great idea—the idea that had made him a multi-millionaire.

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