Atomizers [noun]

Definition of Atomizers:

fine mist

Synonyms of Atomizers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Atomizers:


Sentence/Example of Atomizers:

Taking an ordinary atomizer full of the oil, the patient lies on the back with the head low or on one flat pillow.

Landry disappeared behind the curtains and in a moment Fred heard the wheeze of an atomizer.

Here it is produced by the mixture of a gasoline spray—similar to the fine spray of an atomizer—with the air.

The Russian tea machine and the steam pulverizer (atomizer) are effective but only for a short time.

He couldnt even state positively that the atomizer full of the sleeping powder was Jarrolds.

These applications should be made by means of an atomizer, a different atomizer being used for the patient and nurse.

"Well, I don't want no atomizer loaded with rot-gut and garlic shot in my mug," growled Blackie.

If the flowers are only in bud, I sprinkle them with my brass rose-atomizer and powder slightly with helebore.

Kennedy had already wrapped up a small package of a powder and filled a small atomizer with some liquid.

The frequent use of one of these fluids in an atomizer is even preferable to gargling.