Atoms [noun]

Definition of Atoms:

smallest part of something

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Sentence/Example of Atoms:

The atoms vibrate less, and because such vibrations are simply heat, the alloy’s temperature drops.

Einstein used Brownian motion to deduce the existence of atoms, which bombard the microscopic particles.

It is really fascinating that atoms and quarks, following very different rules, can both form very similar complex objects.

Lenz noted that if most atoms pointed together, their tiny magnetic fields would fuse, and the material would act like a magnet overall.

A negatively charged oxygen atom sits at the bottom of that “V,” explains Xia.

By measuring the energies of those X-rays, the researchers could figure out what types of atoms were in the block.

These include impurities and sites where the atoms have shifted.

The atoms had rearranged themselves into a clear honeycomb pattern.

So the excited oxygen atoms that make up cusp auroras only occur at very high altitudes.

The Brønsted-Lowry definition says that an acid is a molecule that will give away a proton from one of its hydrogen atoms.