atonal [adjective]

Definition of atonal:

characterized by avoidance of traditional western tonality

Synonyms of atonal:

Opposite/Antonyms of atonal:

Sentence/Example of atonal:

The composer's atonal piece challenged traditional musical conventions.

The jarring, atonal music created a sense of tension and unease in the film scene.

He preferred atonal compositions to the more melodic pieces.

The atonal symphony pushed the boundaries of what was considered "classical" music.

While some find atonal music harsh, others appreciate its complexity and emotional depth.

Understanding atonal theory can help musicians appreciate the structure of this type of music.

The atonal piece featured a clashing of dissonant chords throughout.

The pianist experimented with atonal improvisation during his solo performance.

The critic described the music as atonal and lacking in a clear melody.

Many modern composers have embraced atonality to express new musical ideas.

The composer's atonal piece challenged traditional notions of harmony.

The jarring, atonal music created a sense of unease in the film.

He preferred the melodic beauty of tonal music over the dissonance of atonal compositions.

Atonality became a prominent feature of 20th-century classical music.

The untrained singer's voice sounded atonal and off-key. (negative connotation)

Learning atonal theory can be challenging for musicians accustomed to tonal music. 7. The atonal soundscape evoked a feeling of mystery and confusion.

While atonal music can be complex, it can also be incredibly expressive.

Some listeners find atonal music harsh and unpleasant, while others appreciate its originality.

The atonal piece featured a constant play between consonance and dissonance, keeping the listener engaged.

The composer experimented with atonal music, creating a dissonant but intriguing soundscape.

The jarring, atonal piece challenged the audience's expectations of traditional music.

Compared to the atonal piece, the classical symphony sounded warm and inviting.

Atonal music can be challenging to listen to at first, but it can also be very rewarding for those who appreciate its unique sound.

Modern film scores often incorporate atonal elements to create a sense of tension and mystery.

The atonal work highlighted the discord and anxiety of the characters' inner struggles.

Although challenging, learning to play atonal music can help musicians develop a deeper understanding of harmony and theory.

Not everyone enjoys atonal music, but it has its place in the world of musical expression.

The atonal soundscape perfectly captured the desolate and barren landscape in the film.

While atonal music may not be for everyone, it pushes the boundaries of musical composition and innovation.