Atonement [noun]

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It was not alone the slaying and offering of sacrifice, but also the sprinkling of blood that made atonement.

You may think I'm offering myself as a sort of vicarious atonement—if your Doris fails you—but I'm not, really.

The old woman has died, and her daughter Chane is brought before us on the same Atonement day.

The reference to the "many women," "beholding afar off," forms a pathetic close to the story of the Great Atonement Day.

The purpose of the writer is to teach the entire separateness of Christs atonement.

Both are inconsistent with the perfect separateness of Christs atonement.

The first theory, which includes also the idea of vicarious atonement, is common to many primitive peoples.

In my eagerness to make atonement, I even offered to show him a spot where he might try again, lower down the stream.

The Lamb of God, the doe-eyed martyr to vicarious atonement, vanished, and in his place stood a virile battler for human rights.

Shall I be making some little atonement for any pain that I may have thoughtlessly caused her to suffer in her lifetime?