Atonic [adjective]

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In Picard the atonic ending mes is extended to all tenses, giving amomes, &c.

Thus he was a complete man, and deserved the disdain of dilettantes morally dead, and of mystics scientifically atonic.

Thus the Sulphate and Sesquichloride may, by their topical action on the stomach, be of service in cases of atonic Dyspepsia.

Apathetics, showing atonic digestion, may have coffee either before eating or during their meals.

The trunk bark is astringent and in decoction is used for atonic diarrhœa and as a lotion for ulcers.

It is indicated in flatulent colic, atonic dyspepsia and diarrhœa and gives very good results.

The leaf juice and the bruised leaves are applied to wounds and atonic ulcers.

Aaron, in his Diseases of the Digestive Organs, speaks favorably of its use in atonic constipation.

It is also serviceable in flatulent colic, and in what is designated as atonic dyspepsia.

Firstly, they are of use in simple debility and in atonic dyspepsia.