Atop [adverb]

Definition of Atop:


Synonyms of Atop:


Up on

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Sentence/Example of Atop:

Again one of those agonizing waits, racking to the two men whose future depended largely upon the happenings atop the range.

Creakingly the load of seaweed moved away, with Jacob atop, rather dazed.

Perched atop of every broomstick he could see a tiny creature similar in looks and dress to the Red Cap perched upon the poker.

There was a postcript which said: "I changed the acorn atop for another nut with my knife."

Not all of them had seen Andy atop a bad horse, and the Diamond G men, in particular, were eager to witness a sample of his skill.

But one trunk was to lie atop, for it contained light clothing to be worn on entering the Red Sea.

The view from this little esplanade atop, still better from the Church belfry, is wide and pretty.

Now, mother, a little rice and some dried fish atop—yes, and some vegetable curry.'

All three lay atop of each other, when I leaped from my horse within shot, and hurried to the scene of action.

They forced their way to the other bank atop of each other, and sprang, apparently at least, quite unhurt up it.