Atrium [noun]

Definition of Atrium:

central building area

Synonyms of Atrium:

Opposite/Antonyms of Atrium:


Sentence/Example of Atrium:

The attractions at the Atrium were set out fully; but the name of Ras Fendihook did not appear.

The Italian atrium, or cavdium, acquired thus a form essentially different from the Grecian court.

Now a vivid flash of lightning rent the leaden sky overhead and searched the dark corners of the atrium.

"Come along," she said, and they stole through the deserted house to get into the street by the atrium.

In the centre of the atrium was the impluvium, a rectangular marble tank to catch and hold the waters from the roof.

A gallery at the west end, under which you find yourself directly upon entering, forms a sort of atrium.

Water still splashes in its Greek basin, but decay and neglect have robbed this otherwise beautiful atrium of most of its charm.

Most residences had their living quarters around an atrium, or patio.

They stopped at the tiny, white-washed cabin, with its leafy atrium of sycamores.

In the atrium is a statue of Constantine found in his Therm.