Atrophied [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Atrophied:

There is no reason why in the years to come hand and foot should not both be atrophied.

Plenty of good air there to fill lungs atrophied by long night hours in the sick atmosphere of the wards.

One external opening sufficed to carry off the entire secretion of the gland, and the other openings therefore atrophied.

But the first has already atrophied considerably, and may easily be recognized as the spiracle.

Eventually the old mouth and throat atrophied, and one pair of coalesced gill-slits came to serve as the sole mouth.

Both the epiblast layers comprising the iris are somewhat atrophied, and the outer one is strongly pigmented.

There is even a large class apparently so completely atrophied mentally as to be unable to follow a simple plot on the stage.

They are holding My fate in that atrophied ganglion of theirs which couldn't cerebrate the functions of any single of My cells?'

The central government overshadowed and atrophied the parts.

She had been indefatigable in training him, drawing out his atrophied faculties.