Atrophies [noun]

Definition of Atrophies:

wasting away, disintegration

Synonyms of Atrophies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Atrophies:

Sentence/Example of Atrophies:

Those skills often remain undeveloped in modern societies because we can compensate for their atrophy through sophisticated technology.

The atrophy in my legs is terrible from taking so much time off, so it will be a tough recovery.

But a prolonged use of the visual mechanism tends to hypertrophy—or atrophy, as the eyes of deep-sea fishes show.

And to one of his class, there are many forces ever present to atrophy such simple, wholesome power of loving.

We may therefore conclude that its atrophy, like its development, takes place from before backwards.

In stage L it is still fairly large in the tail, though it has begun to atrophy anteriorly.

It is less developed than before, but is still present up to the period of the atrophy of the head-kidney.

In Amphibia the permanent opening of the Mllerian duct is formed as an independent opening after the atrophy of the head-kidney.

Both these membranes usually atrophy before the ovum leaves the follicle.

Pantatrophy, pan-tat′ro-fi, n. general atrophy of the whole body.