Attachable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Attachable:

A one-half inch eye-piece, a micrometer eye-piece, and an attachable mechanical stage are very useful additions.

Vises on somewhat this principle can be bought, attachable and detachable at will.

It was a question of pins, a thing attachable or detachable at will.

This was only the beginning of what must follow; and where did the blame attachable rest?

The shooting-board can be used to advantage for short pieces (see Shooting-board), and attachable guides can also be obtained.

A special Corps of Pioneers, attachable to any unit which might need them, had been organized to handle this novel weapon.

Similar indicator ribbons are attachable to the back gage for screw, cable, chain, and metal tape movements.

Performers will require, in addition to their grand pianos, reservoirs of compressed air attachable by tubes to their instruments.

We can exempt no one from the censure attachable to such a proceeding.

His bonhommie, his gentle and attachable nature do not allow it.