Attache [noun]

Definition of Attache:

container for one's possesions

Synonyms of Attache:

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Sentence/Example of Attache:

A tutor at college and a Museum attache; very jocular; given to personal witticisms, which were often aimed at Goriot.

On n'y apprend rien de nouveau, et cependant il attache et intresse.

He was no less a personage than the attache, of whom she had written to Pamela, and his name was Victor Maurien.

In the discussion which followed the conclusion of the story of the Naval Attache the gentleman with the pearl took no part.

He caught up his glass, and slapped the Naval Attache violently upon the shoulder.

A day or two after this conversation with my friend the attache, I met Monkton at an evening party.

In 1801, Lebon was called to Paris, as attache in the service of Blin, engineer in chief of pavements.

Almost the only man in the navy who fully realized this was our naval attache at Paris, Lieutenant Sims.

The room was empty, except for a court attache, who was industriously writing at a little desk in the rear of the room.

"Je meurs ou je m'attache," Mr. Holt said with a polite grin.