Attaches [verb]

Definition of Attaches:

join, fasten

Synonyms of Attaches:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attaches:

Sentence/Example of Attaches:

In mid-October, scientists managed to trap a few hornets in the wild, and then use dental floss to attach radio trackers to the captured specimens.

Elin arrived with the latches she’d bought for the project, and Adams brought along his drill and attached them.

The bathrooms are outhouses, and the makeshift shower consists of a plastic bucket attached to a pulley system.

Furthermore, a “difficult” child can change because of a warm, strongly attached parenting style.

In this case, that mRNA holds the genetic instructions for making the coronavirus’ spike protein, which helps the virus attach to and enter host cells.

When you take money from someone, there are always strings attached.

In 2015, Great Big Story homed in on advertisers’ growing desire to attach their brands to the videos people were increasingly watching on YouTube and Facebook.

They could also push through the appropriations bill to which the House attached an amendment that would cut off funding for the corps’s work on Pebble, effectively freezing the permit application.

In the April Science paper that so surprised me, they showed that the same enzyme that attaches serotonin to H3 can also catalyze the attachment of dopamine to H3 — a process, I learned, called dopaminylation.

Born into a middle-class family in Miskolc — a city that suffered massively after the collapse of the one-party Communist system — Varga was always closely attached to her hometown and lived there until she got her law degree.