Attachments [noun]

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It is the fate of a lonely old man, that those about him should form new and different attachments and leave him.

Few students master these attachments thoroughly, and those who do, fail to retain them long.

In the whole of anatomy there is no task so difficult as that of learning the precise attachments of the muscles of the back.

Spain had 10,000 muskets to modernize by the same system, and the breech-block attachments were made at Ilion.

The wolf is capable of strong attachments, and has been known to cherish the memory of a friend for a great length of time.

Warm personal attachments will grow up in the family, and these attachments are likely to become safeguards of virtue.

Christina Rossetti goes out of her way to warn us against these dangerous grey haired attachments.

The organs of locomotion: muscles and their attachments and connectives; namely, tendons, ligaments, and bones.

Mop handles with attachments to hold the cloths are easily obtainable and much better for all purposes than string mops.

One morning, very early, several attachments were levied on his goods, and the store was shut up.