Attacked [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Attacked:

These combos of fire, ice, bombs, magnetism and a swirling, fireworks-filled special attack become especially helpful when dealing with the bigger, meaner enemies at the end of each quest.

Members of his congregation have told him that they no longer want to enter the jungle because tiger attacks have increased.

The example he sets and the stinginess he provides at the point of attack should each help Ayton progress further.

It’s not unlikely that a bad actor could attempt to sabotage the availability of a vaccine by stalling or preventing its development, or even its distribution, through a targeted attack.

Counting may have taken longer this year because the pandemic dramatically increased the number of mail-in ballots, but the only meaningful difference is that the sitting president is carrying on an unprecedented attack on the results.

They include extreme weather, earthquakes, financial crises, major terrorist attacks, and, yes, pandemics.

Today, we’re sharing more about the attacks we’ve seen most recently and are urging governments to act.

Because whether we think it’s just an attack ad and that’s what it does … it doesn’t matter, because it works.

The plasma cells are found along the blood vessels, Clatworthy says, where they can quickly launch an attack on pathogens.

Without doing so, that left those candidates vulnerable to attacks by Republicans online, noted Ocasio-Cortez.