Attacking [verb]

Definition of Attacking:

assault physically

Synonyms of Attacking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attacking:

Sentence/Example of Attacking:

Should a bad actor be interested in damaging vaccine distribution, they could stage an attack on the temperature control systems in place.

The attacks could result in delayed development of these desperately needed vaccines or in the theft of vaccine-related data.

Hartmann, and many cybersecurity experts, believe it’s only a matter of time before an attack against hospitals causes such a tragedy.

Murray says he’s “scared to death” about the possibility of contracting the coronavirus because he’s at high risk due to a COPD diagnosis and his past heart attack.

Researchers captured microscope images of an attack in the meninges of mice that was led by plasma cells that had likely been trained in the guts.

As the attacks piled up, “you could see a lot of negative vibes,” said Yuval Ishai of the Technion in Haifa, Israel.

By holding down the L1 shoulder button and pressing different face buttons, Miles can perform venom attacks.

Now Williams wishes to get the word out so people affiliated with the project can be on the lookout for future attacks and protect themselves.

Mackey himself has been on the receiving end of several attacks.

“We are here to fight what we know is an attack on democracy,” said organizer Aura Angélica with the youth-led Sunrise Movement, an activist group focused on climate change and social justice.