Attacks [noun]

Definition of Attacks:

physical assault

Synonyms of Attacks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attacks:

Sentence/Example of Attacks:

I nursed him through several attacks of delirium tremens, and was always in fear that he would get out and disgrace us.

At night several counter-attacks were delivered, in every case repulsed with heavy loss.

In their attacks upon one another loads are forgotten and often seriously damaged.

During the following week the Spaniards made three more night-attacks, the total killed and wounded Americans amounting to 10 men.

General Hall occupied Santólan and the pumping-station there and repelled the repeated attacks made on his column.

The 1st Division did equally well but have been driven back again by counter-attacks.

Again the Taracas ventured on a series of attacks on the American military posts in the locality.

From this area, Dunmore and his friends made repeated plunder attacks along the coast of Virginia until summer.

Simultaneously, the capture of these forts reduced the danger of Indian attacks considerably.

Footnote 48: Tobacco has been able to survive such attacks as these—nay, has raised up a host of defenders as well as opponents.