Attain [verb]

Definition of Attain:

achieve, accomplish

Synonyms of Attain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attain:

Sentence/Example of Attain:

Learning how to conduct marketing research is one of the most important marketing skills you can attain.

It’s really something we only offer our best partners when we can attain it.

Those premiums are based on your attained age and your health, as well as the value of your home and the payoff amount.

She told them to “contact any and all resources to try to attain proper PPE.”

In particle physics, tiny fundamental particles can attain properties by interactions with other particles or fields.

Racism hurts the health of our nation by preventing some people the opportunity to attain their highest level of health.

Once animals had attained greater size and evolved guts, hard parts, jaws, teeth, eyes, and legs, complex food webs became possible, along with “arms races” between predators and prey.

Right now, there are still too many unknowns to know how — and when — any particular population will attain protective herd immunity.

Few persons can attain to adult life without being profoundly impressed by the appalling inequalities of our human lot.

The object of this practise is to attain facility in manipulating the elements while maintaining the smooth quality of the tone.