Attained [verb]

Definition of Attained:

achieve, accomplish

Synonyms of Attained:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attained:

Sentence/Example of Attained:

Some readers expected that the minimum value of H would be reached when the configuration attained a disklike shape because a circle has the smallest perimeter for a given area.

Renowned for his passing ability, Rubio never attained Curry’s level of impact, but he proved to be an able NBA player while with the Timberwolves from 2011, after he came over from Spain, to 2017.

An independent research committee looked at the data from the trials for 3 hours and determined that protection against the virus was attained just 28 days after the second dosage.

For now, there have been real examples of social media platforms restricting or banning political content from across the spectrum, but attaining hard data about whether it’s biased is difficult.

With sunshine still in the cards, though, we could see some spots get as warm as the mid-50s, with southern spots having the highest chances of attaining that.

This excludes from the job market those—in many cases women and people of color—who have the skills required but attained them through work or related experiences rather than secondary education.

For decades it seemed that room-temperature superconductivity might be forever out of reach, but in the last five years a few research groups around the world have been engaged in a race to attain it in the lab.

None of the three states required felons to pay all financial obligations before voting, and they attained these levels of felon participation over longer time periods than the less than two years since Amendment 4 took effect.

To attain a governing majority across this many conflicting institutions requires parties to win multiple elections, over multiple election cycles, by appealing to multiple kinds of electorates.

He who has attained it grows giddy, and the fiercest winds are summoned to blow him from his eminence.