Attaining [verb]

Definition of Attaining:

achieve, accomplish

Synonyms of Attaining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attaining:

Sentence/Example of Attaining:

Over the course of seven years and 24 conversations, I have not attained any particular expertise as a poetry critic, but I’ve garnered something more valuable.

For this strategy to work, however, Robinhood must prove it can attain maturity itself.

That’s up from about $450 million valuation that CRED attained after its $120 million Series B round last year.

As a result, growth companies such as Stone Payments, Netshoes, PagSeguro, Arco Educação and XP Investimentos did their IPOs in New York where they attained higher valuations.

Like the previous records, the new record was attained under extremely high pressures—roughly two and a half million times greater than that of the air we breathe.

The artist, though emphasizing the latter, can scarcely achieve power in this without also attaining the former.

The leathered Diapason, indeed, is now attaining a zenith of popularity both in England and America.

The plant is strong and vigorous, ripening in a few weeks, and when properly cultivated (p. 385) attaining a very large size.

In most states the rights of surviving children end on attaining their majority.

Throughout their lives, believers will be imperfect, and will be called to use this means of attaining their expected end.