Attains [verb]

Definition of Attains:

achieve, accomplish

Synonyms of Attains:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attains:

Sentence/Example of Attains:

Let the student continue this comparison till he attains very nearly the brevity and discrimination displayed by Mr. Killick.

The plant attains a large size, and grows with a luxuriance common to all products grown in the famous "blue grass" region.

Here the tobacco plant attains its finest form and most delicately flavored leaves.

It attains its finest form and flavor in Syria, where it is cultivated to a considerable extent.

Where any plant attains its highest perfection, there is the place to secure the best seed.

The cinnamon tree or bush is planted in rows; it attains at most a height of nine feet, and bears a white, scentless blossom.

This tree is properly a native of India, where it attains a height of eighty feet, and bears fruit in its sixth year.

The thymus gland attains a considerable development in the embryo and shrinks away to the merest vestige in the adult.

It attains early maturity, is hardy and prolific, frequently producing two at a birth.

It attains a prodigious size in those countries where the pasture is rich and nourishing.