Attainted [verb]

Definition of Attainted:

find guilty

Synonyms of Attainted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attainted:

Sentence/Example of Attainted:

Archibald Cameron, brother of Lochiel, executed; recently the estates of this attainted family have been restored.

Dinah, attainted and convicted of pedantry, because she spoke grammatically, was nicknamed the Sappho of Saint-Satur.

Against the Congregations not attainted by the decrees, recourse was had to tactics slower but more perfidious.

In these wars, from 1527 to 1715, seventeen of the family of Kossuth had been attainted for high treason against Austria.

He was attainted in the House of Peers, and the Bill was passed.

Without doubt his land is attainted; unless is mercy you forbear, sir.

Even the very attainted and escheated lands were challenged by virtue of settlements made before the attainders.

Salisbury and Warwick taking to flight like attainted traitors to please the foreign woman, saidst thou?

A pleader is suspendable when he is attainted to have received fees of two adversaries, in one cause.

He was himself attainted, and parliament had shown no anxiety that the attainder should be removed.