Attaints [noun]

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Now Parliament was called on by the king himself to attaint his ministers and his Queens.

Others of his following failed not in the "attaint," and horses and troopers floundered in the sand.

It is proposed to attaint men for religion, and also for birth.

Hereditaryship is, in this sense, as much an attaint upon principle, as an outrage upon society.

It is an attaint upon character; a sort of privateering on family property.

The Juries Act of 1825, in abolishing writs of attaint, made a special exemption as regards jurors guilty of embracery ( 61).

The defendant, when sued in England on a bill, pleaded the attaint of the plaintiff, who had received the pardon of Macquarie.

The tender of a ship or of a locomotive is the attender, and taint is aphetic for attaint, Fr.

Ye can see the power with her o' this foreign fiddler, that it drives her so to attaint her own brother.

Hither he came, when attaint was lifted, late in those tottering years.