Attars [noun]

Definition of Attars:

scent, often manufactured and packaged for personal use

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Sentence/Example of Attars:

But Ghazipoor is most remarkable for its enormous rose-fields, and the rose-water and attar prepared here.

Not more than an ounce and a half of attar, at the utmost, is obtained from eighty pounds of roses.

We were offered sweetmeats and fruits, sprinkled with rosewater, and some attar of roses was put upon our handkerchiefs.

A small quantity of pure attar passes with the water into the receiver.

The Persian attar of roses is said to be obtained from this species.

In the East much use is made of the attar, particularly in the harems.

The attar has the consistency of butter, and never becomes liquid except in the warmest weather.

A large portion of the attar imported into the United States is probably of this manufacture.

The color of attar is generally green, sometimes lemon or rose color, and occasionally brownish.

Attar is rarely found pure in commerce; it is always more or less adulterated.