Attempted [verb]

Definition of Attempted:

try, make effort

Opposite/Antonyms of Attempted:

Sentence/Example of Attempted:

After multiple attempts to reach city officials and urge them not to delete the records we sought, Ivey said she was working on the request.

After VOSD’s story published, the city attorney’s office went back through its records and found past discussions about an attempt to repeal that section of the municipal code.

County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar is running against Ikhrata and SANDAG in general, and their attempts to deprioritize highway spending in favor of transit specifically.

Likewise, since every person’s ballot has a unique bar code, the system catches any attempt to vote twice by requesting additional ballots.

Another hour into his attempt to get a test, Price realized that he just couldn’t wait any longer.

Not that there haven’t been attempts at providing structure.

Liz Anjos is in the second week of her attempt on the Appalachian Trail.

Even Richard Feynman failed in his attempt to complete Ising’s original 1920 assignment.

You also know that different actors have harnessed this discontent in an attempt to steer the country in different directions.

It was founded in 1899, then called the College Entrance Examination Board, by 12 elite East Coast schools in an attempt to standardize the college-admissions process.