Attempts [noun]

Definition of Attempts:

try, effort

Synonyms of Attempts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attempts:

Sentence/Example of Attempts:

I made two attempts to climb up, but both times slipped back.

Yet their quaint attempts to improve their appearance throw an interesting side-light on their æsthetic preferences.

Spontaneous gaiety was gone out of his cousin, whose attempts to be his normal self became forced and unsuccessful.

I may as well say it here: with my poetical productions I was never satisfied any more than with my attempts at drawing.

These first attempts to copy in line the forms of familiar objects are among the most curious products of the child's mind.

This habit of scribble may persist after a child attempts a linear description of the parts of an object.

New and highly curious characteristics begin to appear when he attempts to give the profile aspect.

Various odd arrangements appear in the first attempts to outline arm and hand.

He attempts to pray and make supplication—yea, even he endeavours to perform the service.

Our progress became monotonous, a succession of fruitless attempts to advance; hopeless, like wandering in a subtle maze.