Attendants [noun]

Definition of Attendants:

person who serves others

Synonyms of Attendants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attendants:



Sentence/Example of Attendants:

The king put him to death, and the attendants of Adelil made of his heart a viand which they presented to her.

She had sent away her attendants, bolted the door against her mother, and sat waiting her summons.

Directly after them came a lot of palace attendants in curious hats and long robes of all colours of the rainbow.

The manner of his prisoner, sufficiently mollified the officer; and he made a sign to his attendants to withdraw.

Besides these attendants, a small blackbird often keeps the buffalo company, who will raise up his head in delight to meet it.

As soon as Baroudi was perceived by the attendants, there was a soft and gliding movement to serve him.

Such is the picture of the hasty embarkation, given by some of the attendants on the royal family.

If you were in San Francisco you might find some of the attendants in the asylum, who could give you the information you desire.

Why are a marshal of France and his wife, one of the queen's attendants, to be called two wretches?

Her cries attracted her attendants, and Murray was ordered by the indignant queen to stab the young madman dead then and there.