Attended [verb]

Definition of Attended:

be present at

Synonyms of Attended:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attended:

Sentence/Example of Attended:

The Steelers are allowing a little more than 5,000 fans to attend their home games.

She struck a bargain with her parents that she would endure a debutante season of balls and be presented to the queen if they would allow her to attend university.

So reports of cases among students and staff should not, in themselves, lead us to believe that attending school is a source of spread.

In Northern Virginia, more people are attending social gatherings while not wearing masks.

Among people who contracted the virus in the first half of October — when the rise in cases in the District was beginning — nearly one in four had attended a social gathering of at least five people, and one in five had eaten in a restaurant.

Her 6-year-old daughter Marlee had been part of the day care since she was 2 and started attending the Christian school this year to avoid virtual learning in the public school system.

The organizers are reducing the number of spectators by 75 percent and only allowing residents from the tri-state area to attend.

As I live very far away, I am unable to attend any of the child's birthday parties.

House Republicans went forward with their own event in the same location two days later, and on Tuesday, they held an in-person leadership election attended by more than 200 members, with the blessing of Monahan’s office.

Her oldest, 16, is a boy whose football games McDaniel loved attending, Knight said.